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UAV Pilot Training

Category: Training Published: Sunday, 22 May 2016 Written by wsg



Unmanned and Pilotless Aircraft (RPAS, UAVs, Drones)

If you are looking for UAV pilot training, a UAV pilot certificate, or operational competency assessments for UAV operations then you've come to the right place! Flight Test NZ, a CAA-approved Part 141 organisation provides quality UAV training.
Flight Test NZ provides Part 102 certification for UAV pilots as well the preparation of exposition and guidance through the CAA Part 102 operating certificate process. 

UAV recreation or commercial operations can be conducted under Part 101 or Part 102.  Various restrictions apply under Part 101, some of which can be lifted for an operator that is certificated under Part 102. A pilot certificate is useful for operations under Part 101, as that will enable operations within 4km of an aerodrome. CAA  requires a pilot certificate for operation under Part 102 and may also require an annual Operational Competency Assessment (OCA).

Do you have a current OCA and need a refresher course on RPAS Aviation Law? We can help.

Are you not yet at the stage where you need all of the above, and just want to learn to fly your RPAS? We can help with that too.

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For further information on RPAS Pilot Certificate course dates go to our Course tab. 


What's in a name?

RPAS, UAV, UAS, what's the difference?

UAV stands for "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle", the actual craft that flies.  UAS means "Unmanned Aerial System", being the system comprised of the craft, any control station, and radio links between the control station and the craft.

An RPAS is a "Remotely Piloted Aircraft System" - a form of UAS that is piloted by a person on the ground.

The New Zealand Civil Aviation rules use the term "unmanned aircraft", but the International Civil Aviation Organisation prefers RPAS.  The general public call them drones.

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