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Flight Test Training Simulator

Flight Test NZ operates a TP200 synthetic training device based on a  King Air B200 at Ardmore for instrument training and multi-crew airline conversion courses. This is a functional simulator operated by two crew with a separate instructors consol controlling the weather and emergency situation scenarios.

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Our instructors will guide your through the operation of this flight simulator.
•    CAA approved turboprop flight synthetic training device
•    Garmin 430 / 530 GNSS rating and currency
•    Fully enclosed cockpit
•    Functional avionics, engine instruments, flaps, under carriage selector, warning systems, intercom and more
•    World wide range of airports
•    Two crew airline conversion course
•    CAA approved to log flight time
•    Experienced simulator instructor with separate instructor consol.
•    Variable weather inputs
•    Programmable engine failure
•    Emergency situation functionality
•    EFIS training
•    Flight Director
•    Procedural training
•    Pilot employee assessment
•    Recurrent training

Please note this simulator is a procedural trainer therefore it is not approved for B200 type endorsements.