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Instructional Techniques

This CAA approved 4 day course is designed to give anyone in the aviation industry the necessary skills to instruct. Ross Crawford, B Av., is an A category instructor who has been presenting Instructional Techniques courses for many years.  Ross combines his airline training background and general aviation knowledge to present a valuable course for anyone who is considering instruction in the aviation industry.

The Civil Aviation Authority AC61-18 requires new C, D or E category instructors to have completed an instructional techniques course prior to their instructor rating issue flight test. In accordance with AC61-18 we therefore recommend that the IT course is commenced early in their training so new instructors can put into action the knowledge and skills acquired from the course. Course dates.

Persons who provide instruction or checking for aviation industry personnel e.g. ground course instructors, cabin crew check and trainers will gain many skills from this extensive course.

Topics covered include:

  • How do we learn
  • Assessing students needs
  • The learning environment
  • Role of teacher / instructor
  • Obstacles to learning
  • Teaching techniques
  • Evaluation feedback
  • Aviation specifics